The Modern American Equestrian Girl

We are so excited to have been featured in Elite Equestrian Magazine November - December issue! 

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This is the story of the modern American equestrian girl. She is passionate about life and appreciates her quality time spent outdoors with the horses and her community of like-minded equestrians.

Her fast paced contemporary lifestyle does not allow for going home to change multiple times a day. The barns she frequents are usually located in well-known “equestrian zones.” These are communities of horse loving people, so equestrian clothing is a common sight while shopping and eating in local businesses. This compliments her natural passion for fashion, which carries over to her choices in riding wear.

Women have been expressing themselves through fashion since the beginning of time. Beautiful garments designed for riding horses not only have their own storied history but have also continued to inspire fashion trends for decades. Times may change but above all, our desire to look and feel our best while displaying our equestrian abilities has never wavered. 

Modern producers of equestrian and athletic clothing brands are constantly innovating their work to find the perfect balance between style, comfort and performance. Real equestrians juggle multiple rides and tasks throughout any given day: dressage work, jumping work, schooling, trail riding, lunging and of course therapies and grooming treatments. The weather is always subject to change from perfect to extremely sunny, windy, rainy, hot, cold, etcetera. As equestrians, we also want variety: short sleeves, long sleeves, mesh sleeves, open collar, buttoned up, a higher waist, a stretchy pant, the list is endless. We also participate and compete in clinics, horse shows, exhibitions and other special events. The life of an equestrian requires an extensive wardrobe!

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