20 Tips to Make You a Better Jumper by Horse Illustrated

Hi Criniere lovers, 

We are here to make you look good and to help you with your performance, so we've gathered some tips to make you a better jumper.

These tips will help you improve your riding-over-fences skills.

1. Always shorten your stirrups a hole or two before jumping. This lets you bring your body weight forward so you can stay over your horse’s center of balance throughout the jump.

2. Always look straight ahead over the fence. If you look down you can affect your horse’s balance and he might not jump very well.

3. Remember to push your hands forward when going over a fence. Rest your hands about 8 to 10 inches in front of the saddle and rest your hands on your horse’s neck. Doing this makes the reins looser and you won’t jab your horse in the mouth if you get left behind the motion.

4. Try to be confident and calm while approaching a fence. A horse can tell if you are scared. If he thinks you are too frightened to jump a fence, he probably won’t want to jump it either.

5. Don’t duck! Ducking is when a rider leans to one side when jumping. This is a bad habit and can make your horse jump badly. Have your instructor or a pal yell at you to stay straight when you approach a fence until you remember to do it yourself.


For more tips please check the full article here https://www.horseillustrated.com/young-rider-jumping-horse-tips 

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