How I met Jessica Springsteen

It was Winter of 2017 when I, founder of Criniere Life made the tiny big step of launching my brand at the Winter Equestrian Festival. It all starts with a couple of sketches and the desire of bringing something new to the equestrian apparel industry. So why not? I said to myself let's bring some ideas to the table and make this dream happen. Sounds easy but there were a lot of trials and errors along the way. And there were also little things like signs I would say, that made me believe that I was on the right path. Because let's be frank a little bit of recognition doesn’t hurt anyone when you are starting your brand. In fact, it impulses your business and keeps you going. 


So back to the story,  It was WEF 2017 and I was getting into the public introducing Criniere among a shark tank of experienced brands such as Equiline, Cavaleria Toscana, Alessandro Albanese, and this is just to name a few. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. And even though I have always considered myself as a lucky girl, I have never even imagined that someone was going to make my day a couple of meters away from my booth in such an awesome breath taking way. I was drinking coffee, it was late morning;  if I’m not wrong it was a Thursday and I saw a beautiful woman riding at the paddock warming up for her class wearing our Margot Show Shirt. I looked closely and said, wait a minute! I'm I crazy or is Jessica Springsteen!? I said to myself. I approached her and introduced myself feeling a little nervous I have to say, since not everyday you get to talk to a talented rider like her. And I can definitely say that she is super nice and clever, she led me to take some pictures and kept going with her riding. 

Then I remembered a Colombian lady that came to the store, very beautiful and elegant as well, talking on the phone asking for someone else size a couple of days back. She was buying two of everything. I wondered who she was. But now I know, because obviously I did my research. It was Monica Algarra, owner of Rushy Masrh Farm. 

And Monica, let me just have a moment to thank you publicly from the bottom of my heart for this nice surprise. It means a lot to see riders you admire wearing your brand. Thank you!

What I want to say with this story is that in everybody’s journey as an entrepreneur, you will face obstacles and you will have important and sometimes stressful decisions to make, but hard work is always compensated. Along the way you will also find accomplishments and things that make you smile and keep going and growing your business.   


Besides my story I can also tell one more thing about Jessica Springsteen.  I don’t know her much but I can definitely say that she is a hard worker, a great example of discipline and a testimony of how getting out of your comfort zone is rewarding. She is now riding as a professional rider with  the great Helena Stormanns. It is not easy to step into new challenges and master it as she is doing. As she said in this sport there are more times that you lose than the ones you win. But those are winning experiences after all. 

“ It is easy to get defeated, but you have to brush it off and keep going” - Jessica said in an interview with World of Showjumping by Nanna Nieminen


Later on, we have seen each other a couple of times and she has alway been nice and friendly. Below is a picture of us at the Longines Global Champions Tour in Miami. 


Jessica; the best for this 2020!